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Transmission fluid check

Inspection of transmission fluid is necessary for the same reason as inspection of the engine oil

The quality of the drive and the rate of wear of the gearbox directly depend on its condition.

A gearbox is a rather complex structure, all parts of which are subjected to a fairly large stress and friction, which is reduced through the use of special fluids. Although modern fluids are able to maintain their properties for quite a long time, they require periodic replacement. The transmission fluid in the automatic transmission additionally prevents overheating.

Regular inspection of the transmission fluid is a must if you want to avoid failures and other potentially costly surprises. 

Transmission fluid check

Transmission fluid consists of several additives that help:

  • against foam forming;
  • Against anti corrosiveness;
  • Against extreme pressure;
  • improve heat dissipation, etc.

Long-term operation and high temperatures lead to the precipitation of additives, the transmission fluid loses its properties and needs to be replaced.

High-quality and timely maintenance of the transmission can significantly extend the life of the gearbox. Regular inspection and timely maintenance will allow you to significantly extend the life of the gearbox. The benefits are obvious.

When should you check your transmission fluid more often?

There are a number of factors that lead to accelerated wear of the transmission fluid. You should check your transmission fluid more frequently if:

  • the car drives on a rough terrain;
  • the car regularly tows a trailer;
  • the car is usually in traffic;
  • driving style involves sudden acceleration / braking;

When should you change your transmission fluid?

It is recommended to change the fluid at a range of 25-40 thousand miles, however, it would be most correct to carry out a regular check of the transmission fluid, especially as the car's mileage increases.

How transmission fluid is changed?

Transmission fluid can be either changed manually or with the help of a specialized equipment. 

Manual fluid change - draining the waste through a hole. This is a budget method. It is usually 1.5-2 times cheaper than a normal fluid change.

Maintenance of the gearbox with certified equipment at Starlight Automotive eliminates manual labor. This method guarantees complete fluid change as it allows you to pump out all the used fluid.

Starlight Automotive mechanics will inspect transmission fluid taking into account the vehicle's mileage, driving mode and operating conditions.


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