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Cooling system flush

One of the main reasons your car is overheating is clogging of the cooling system

 You need to flush the system on a regular basis to prevent this from happening. Starlight Automotive offers cooling system flush at a reasonable rate.

Any cooling system will get clogged over time. It intervenes with its main function of keeping your car’s engine cool and can lead to a very costly breakdown.

Here’s what cooling system flush flushes out of the radiator

  • scale  is formed if water is used as a coolant;
  • pollution - sand, dust, residues of engine oil, sealant;
  • the result of wear of the coolant - over time, it gradually decomposes, leaving a residue.

To flush the cooling system you need to contact professionals who have the necessary equipment and skills. At Starlight Automotive  your car will be serviced efficiently, quickly and inexpensively.

Cooling system flush includes:

  • flushing the radiator;
  • flushing the interior heater radiator ;
  • identification of possible coolant leaks;
  • if necessary, replacement of clamps, pipes, etc.;
  • coolant replacement.

What happens without cooling system flush 

It is recommended to flush the engine cooling system once every two to three years. Any coolant loses its viscosity over time. The liquid decomposes into separate chemical elements, some of which precipitate and partially block the channels through which it circulates, others settle on the walls in the form of scale. As a result, cooling system doesn’t work efficiently.

A clogged up radiator significantly reduces its efficiency, which leads to:

  • cracks on the cooling block and the engine housing;
  • high consumption of coolant;
  • low quality of engine cooling.

Why do your cooling system flush at Starlight Automotive?

Our repair shop offers a quality service for flushing the engine cooling system at a very reasonable price. We have a long history of servicing vehicles of all makes and models.


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