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Ball joints, bearings and bushings replacement

A ball joint is a hinge that attaches the steering knuckle to the control arm

Ball bearings made it possible to make the movement of the car more comfortable, increase the controllability and maneuverability of the car. Their main task is to give the wheels freedom of movement in the horizontal plane and exclude them in the vertical plane.

Ball joints are the most important part of the chassis. Breakage or wear can have serious consequences. As a result of a malfunction of the ball joints the car loses control. When the ball joint fails, the load on the steering wheel increases, the car can wag on the road. At the first sign of a ball joint malfunction, immediately contact Starlight Automotive and replace the ball joint. This will prevent you from losing control of your vehicle and possibly getting into an accident.

When to replace the ball joint

Obviously only professional mechanics can clearly know when the ball joint needs to be replaced. However, anyone can hear weird noises and knocks when driving over a pothole. In addition, you can notice the steering to be less responsive.. However, the final decision can only be made after the vehicle has been inspected at the shop.

The ball joint should be replaced every 15 thousand miles. Severe operating conditions can significantly reduce this timeframe as ball joint can deteriorate faster when driving on bad roads. Backlash indicating wear of the ball joint may appear after 10 thousand miles. Undoubtedly, with the backlash of the ball joints you can continue to move but you will already be risking your health. And as we know, the steering knuckle of the car rests precisely on the ball joint. Such a breakdown can lead to an accident. Therefore, if you detect any issues with your suspension please contact Starlight Automotive to inspect and replace the ball joint.


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