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Cooling system inspection

The main task of the cooling system is to prevent the engine from overheating and maintain its optimal temperature

When the engine is cold, all rubbing components wear out faster, performance is significantly reduced, and emissions increase. At the same time, even a short overheating of the unit is often the cause of  complete failure of the engine and very costly repairs. Mechanics perform all kinds of inspection to determine how properly heat is absorbed, transferred and dissipated in the engine.

Diagnostics of the engine cooling system is needed in cases where the engine does not maintain operating temperature well or there is a suspicion of a coolant leak. The reason may be the failure of any part: pump, thermostat, fan, pipes, radiator, temperature sensor, even the antifreeze itself.

Starlight Automotive provides quality cooling system diagnostic service using professional equipment at a reasonable price.

Types of cooling systems

Modern piston engines are equipped with a liquid or air cooling system. With air cooling, excess heat is removed by air flow through the finned surfaces of the cylinder head block.

However, a classic liquid cooling system is most commonly used. This made it easier to start the engine even at negative air temperatures, the absence of noise during its work, and also ensured the fastest heating of the engine. Due to the high pressure in the closed liquid cooling system the boiling point of the coolant rises to 248 degrees  and the optimal temperature is constantly maintained at the level of 195-200 degrees F.

Starlight Automotive mechanics can perform inspection of any of the existing types of cooling systems in order to determine even the smallest errors and prevent engine failure.

How cooling system inspection is performed

The most common problem associated with the operation of the cooling system is the increased temperature of the engine. There can be a lot of reasons for such breakdowns, ranging from too low a coolant level and improper operation of the thermostat, ending with clogging of the hose and radiator with scale and coolant leaks.

To prevent any of this from happening the following is performed:

  • Hoses inspection. Even the slightest crack or rupture of the hose can lead to a rapid leakage of all coolant and critical overheating. 
  • Inspection of radiators. Deformation and even clogging of the radiator with dust, leaves or dirt reduces its efficiency and is a source of overheating. They must be intact and clean.
  • Fans inspection. Additional air cooling systems should be checked as they help avoid overheating and car breakdowns in traffic jams and when idling.
  • Coolant check. Scale and other solids that build up in antifreeze can cause clogging or lower boiling point. Therefore, it is important to control the quality of the antifreeze and replace it in time.

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