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Silent blocks

Silent blocks are hinges used in the suspension of a car consisting of two metal parts separated by a polyurethane or rubber insert

 The main task of the silent block is to reduce vibration and noise during suspension operation, especially when driving over bumps. These parts are used in almost all suspension units, both on the front and rear axles.

Silent blocks can quickly fail. For example, the silent blocks of the front suspension arms do not particularly have a long service life, as they experience increased stress. Timely replacement of silent blocks is commonly overlooked, however, driving the car with faulty silent blocks can lead to much more serious breakdowns.

Contact Starlight Automotive in Sarasota FL to replace your silent blocks. We have experienced mechanics who will repair and replace the silent blocks of your car quickly and at an affordable price.

How often to replace silent blocks

The silent block is a fairly durable part and can last up to 60 thousand miles. However, in reality, especially with frequent use of the car on country or simply uneven roads, the wear of the part occurs much faster. With frequent driving on bad roads, check silent blocks at least after 30 thousand miles.

Signs of faulty silent blocks

The main sign of the need to replace silent blocks is a noticeable deterioration in handling. The responsiveness drops and the car reacts to turning the steering wheel with a visible delay. With extremely high wear on the silent blocks, the car may begin to steer even when driving straight on a good level road. In this case, the silent blocks must be replaced immediately in order to avoid more serious damage to the chassis.

What is the difference between rubber and polyurethane silent blocks

There is no difference between rubber and polyurethane silent blocks when you look at the way the car drives on the road. The main difference is their durability.

Polyurethane silent blocks are more durable, especially if the car is operated at low temperatures. In addition, polyurethane is not so strongly affected by engine oil. Another weakness of rubber bushings is that they can crack if the caris not used for a sufficiently long period. Otherwise, if you do not leave your car to stand for six months in conditions of fairly severe frosts, it is quite possible to use rubber silent blocks.


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