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Shocks and struts repair

Shock absorbers and struts dampen vehicle vibrations and improve both ride comfort and vehicle handling when wheels hit road bumps

In addition, shock absorbers and struts perform the function of lateral stabilization of the car, preventing it from rocking when changing direction. Without them, driving a car would be more like moving in a boat or a cart.

Like any other vehicle suspension part shock absorbers and struts also periodically fail and require regular inspection, repair and replacement. The service life of shock absorbers and struts depends on their design (hydraulic, gas, gas-oil) and on the operating conditions of the car.

How to repair shocks and struts

The life of shock absorbers and suspension struts is about 30 thousand miles. Finding out exactly when a shock absorber needs to be replaced is quite difficult, since shock absorbers rarely fail unexpectedly. The efficiency of the suspension drops, the shock absorbers become much softer, but the driver just gets used to the gradual deterioration of the car's suspension.

The main signs of improper work of shock absorbers and struts

  • fluid leaks
  • Breaks of the suspension when passing bumps
  • knocking or squeaking when driving
  • swaying of the car, the car moves like a boat on the waves
  • the sharpness of driving decreases

Only professional auto mechanics can accurately determine that your car needs repair or replacement of shock absorbers and struts. You can check the suspension of your car as well as repair the struts and shock absorbers at Starlight Automotive. Modern professional equipment and experienced technicians  will accurately identify problems in the suspension and make a quick and high-quality repair of the struts and shock absorbers of your car.

Why repair of shock absorbers and struts is absolutely necessary

Any issues with shock absorbers and struts lead to extremely unpleasant consequences. Defective shock absorbers significantly increase the risk of an accident. For example, wearing shock absorbers by 50%, which is completely imperceptible to the driver, increases the braking distance by 6 feet at a speed of 30 miles per hour.

The failure of shock absorbers and struts affects the operation of ABS and ESP systems. The systems automatically reduce braking force as soon as the wheel loses traction. In the event of failure of the shock absorbers and struts, the incorrect reaction of the car can mislead the automatic systems and the car might not stop in front of a STOP sign or at a traffic light.

How to repair shock absorbers and struts

It is worth noting that the struts and shock absorbers are paired units and are replaced at the same time. In addition, along with failed nodes, it is also recommended to rubber bushings that work with them to ensure that the suspension returns to normal.

A faulty shock absorber can also be repaired. The reason for the incorrect operation of the part is the lack of fluid or gas. With the timely replenishment of the amount of liquid and / or gas, it is possible to restore the properties of the shock absorber and postpone the need to purchase a new one.


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