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A/C recharge

Car A/C is essential during any season

When used frequently in both hot and cold weather A/C unit is under severe conditions. Doesn’t matter if you use your car a lot, or it sits in your driveway for long periods of time, auto A/C recharge is a big part of your car maintenance. Mechanics of Starlight Automotive will inspect, repair and recharge your A/C thus improve its performance.

How to know your A/C needs recharging

One must inspect and recharge your A/C unit regularly in order to avoid any malfunctions and leaks. 

Using professional equipment, our mechanics check the pressure inside the system. If it’s within normal range, then the system works fine. In other cases, leaks can be a sign of something worse. You should immediately take your car to the shop if you feel the drop in performance or noticed any oil leaks. We will find and fix the problem in a timely manner. Hopefully our rates and quality of our work will please you.

The auto A/C recharge is a pretty common procedure if you do your air-conditioning inspections on a regular basis. Timely recharge will extend the life of the whole system. Obviously, recharge is also carried out during the repair of the unit. Before fixing or replacing of parts or tubes, the remaining refrigerant is removed by Starlight Automotive mechanics. It is also necessary after any cleaning of the unit. After all is done, the A/C is recharged. 

It is mandatory to check the pressure of the system before the A/C recharge. It requires experience and knowledge. Both excess and lack of the coolant may lead to malfunction of the A/C unit. If there’s too much coolant, the compressor can overheat and with lack of coolant, there will not be enough refrigerant to go around in the system. Even fully functioning A/C needs recharge every once in a while.

How often to recharge A/C

Why some A/C needs to be recharged more often than others? Several factors play into this. Most of the time, the temperature drops lead to cracks in tubing and valves. One has to recharge A/C in this case due to the refrigerant leak. Another common problem are chemicals used on the roads and vibration. Starlight Automotive mechanics will check how much and what kind of coolant you need. Prices may vary.

A/C recharge is part of the maintenance of the car. It should be done once in 3-4 years. If the A/C isn’t used often it can lose 15% of its charge per year. If you use it often, then you might have to do it annually. How much exactly refrigerant your A/C needs will be determined by Starlight Automotive mechanics.

A/C recharge at Starlight Automotive in Sarasota, Fl- timely and fair

Comfortable temperature inside, clean air and no outside noise are among the key features of the air conditioner. Starlight offers comprehensive system maintenance to keep it running smoothly under normal and harsh operating conditions. You can always trust with your A/C working properly and being well maintained. You don’t have to bother yourself with A/C recharge anymore. We will take care of it!


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