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Battery replacement

The battery is the vehicle's main source of electricity. It is the battery that allows the car to start easily when the alternator has not yet had time to start working. The average service life of the battery pack does not exceed 4-7 years, and sooner or later a situation arises when a car battery needs to be replaced.

Starlight Automotive offers:

  • diagnostics of the old battery;
  • control of the parameters of the new battery;
  • starter and alternator scan;
  • battery replacement;
  • contact cleaning;
  • preparing the battery for winter;
  • battery charging, etc.

Despite the apparent simplicity, the process of replacing the battery is fraught with a number of pitfalls, subtleties and nuances. For example, when the battery is disconnected, the parameters of the alarm, GPS and other electronics can be reset. There are cases when a sudden disconnection of the battery led to the locking of the car doors, the activation of the alarm, and even the failure of the central processor of the transport control unit.

When you should replace the battery

  • The car does not start on the first try;
  • The battery is not sufficiently charged by the alternator;
  • The appearance of liquids on its surface is observed;
  • During testing and diagnostics errors occur;
  • the battery overheats (at any time of the year);

How to replace the battery

Proper maintenance of the battery begins with the diagnostics. As statistics show, the reason for the lack of high-quality power supply may not be hidden at all in the battery:

  • the generator is not working properly;
  • it happens that the battery works fine but for some reason it does not charge;

Diagnostics is carried out using a special measuring tool. During the inspection and battery replacement, we use a replacement power source - this will allow the on-board electronics not to reset their settings while the car battery is being replaced.

Main focus in the maintenance process should be on the current-carrying wiring. In particular, it is necessary to control the degree of oxidation of the terminals on the battery itself and the power supply to which the battery is connected. As a rule, the terminals have time to acquire a white, acidic coating, which significantly reduces the contact area of ​​current-carrying connections and increases the resistance.

When a battery is replaced the wiring terminals are either replaced with new ones or are deep cleaned. Prepared terminals must be treated with a special solution, lithium grease, which significantly slows down the oxidation process.

Stages of car battery replacement

  • diagnostics. Checking battery power is one of the most important processes before replacement. Sometimes it happens that the power supply is working and something else is the problem. 
  • The next step is to check the performance of the new battery. It is strictly forbidden to install a new device without checking it immediately after purchase, otherwise malfunctions or defects can lead to negative consequences. In this regard, a thorough inspection of the battery is required.
  • After that, starter and alternator are inspected. If there are no errors, the old battery is dismantled and replaced with a new one. Connection of nodes is carried out in strict accordance with the established recommendations and safety requirements.
  • After installing a new battery, a mandatory cleaning of all contacts will follow to avoid wiring problems. In winter, the unit requires additional preparation (if necessary), as sudden temperature changes can adversely affect its operation.
  • The last step is to check the installation results and charge. It is very important that all nodes and systems work as a whole. Only this way the owner of the car will be sure of the quality of the work performed.


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