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Tune ups

If you are looking where to tune up your car, truck or SUV you can always rely on Starlight Automotive. Our technicians will make sure your vehicle works properly.

Regular tune ups of your vehicle ensure the efficient and reliable operation of all its components. Tune ups can help prevent breakdowns and extend the life of your car saving you money and improving overall experience. A well-tuned car will show the maximum efficiency.

Despite the fact that now car tuning takes less time, since many functions have been taken over by the electronic control unit, a lot of car components require manual inspection and adjustment. This applies to both the engine and suspension but also secondary systems: lighting, exhaust, etc.

While some say tune ups are unnecessary, they are a great way to keep your car running. In addition, it is not uncommon for tune ups to identify easily fixable problems that would have led to a serious breakdown and dangerous situation before the car would have got into scheduled maintenance.

Why do you tune ups at Starlight Automotive?

Before making any tune ups our technicians will firstly do a diagnostics. Our technicians will check the spark plugs, which are responsible for igniting the gasoline-air mixture that powers your engine. Spark plug wires: worn out wires can burn out and cause misfiring. The condition of your fuel filters, which should prevent debris from entering the engine. A clogged fuel filter will result in poor engine performance. An air filter that prevents debris from entering the engine. Restricted airflow makes your engine work harder and causes your car to lose power. During tune ups, we can diagnose and ensure these and other vehicle systems are working optimally.

Signs your car needs a tune-up

  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Misfiring 
  • Idling at high speeds
  • Low traction or sluggish acceleration
  • Strange sounds such as knocking 
  • Black exhaust smoke
  • Problems starting your car


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