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OBD engine diagnostics

ODB scanner engine diagnostic 

Computer diagnostics of the engine is applicable to all modern cars. The main task of the electronic engine control system is the calculation of the fuel-air mixture and the moment of its ignition. Computer diagnostics of the engine checks all the main units and assemblies of the car at once.

Computer diagnostics of the engine consists of 3 stages:

  • Engine control unit. This is a central computer that receives information from sensors and issues commands to executive systems. It can be fully checked using special software. The mechanic connects to the computer, the program reads all the information from the computer, and then displays it on the laptop screen. In some cases, it is required to flash the ECU or reset to factory settings.
  • Sensors. They are located in all parts of the car and act as indicators of the state of  systems. The work of the sensors is to measure the speed, temperature or pressure and further convert these indicators into a signal understandable to the computer. The failure of any sensor negatively affects the operation of the transport because the ECU cannot fully control the state of the сфк without sensor readings.
  • Executive systems. These include a fuel pump, a fuel pressure and idle speed regulator, a module and spark plugs, a fan, injectors etc.

Normal diagnostics can be performed within 30-40 minutes. 

What does computer diagnostic include?

  • correct mileage;
  • detection and elimination of errors;
  • detection of all possible malfunctions that can be read from electronic sensors;
  • reading error codes from all electronic systems of the car.

Upon completing computer diagnostics you will receive a report about the condition of your car.

How is a computer diagnostic test performed?

Computer diagnostics of the engine at Starlight Automotive is carried out by professional certified equipment. Computer diagnostics of the engine is carried out for cars of any make and year. It can be an electric car or diesel with high mileage. Here are it’s stages:

  • The car is parked in a designated area.
  • Using a special scanner mechanic connects to the car.
  • Scanner reads the data after which the computer compares them with valid parameters and issues an error if the parameters do not fall within the specified range.
  • After troubleshooting the errors are removed and the mechanic repeats the computer diagnostics.

When is it necessary to do a computer diagnostic test?

Starlight Automotive recommends computer diagnostics every 3 months. However, sometimes it is necessary to perform a scan:

  • Long-distance travel: when you are going on a cross-country trip, you go to the mountains or the forest. It will not be possible to carry out a full repair in the event of a breakdown.
  • Before buying a used car. In just 1 hour, you can find out about all the hidden faults and underlying issues.
  • After a small accident. The scan will show all existing malfunctions caused by the collision.
  • Sometimes the on-board computer itself signals to the owner that there is a breakdown .
  • After maintenance.
  • Noticeable deterioration in engine performance, increased fuel consumption, power decrease etc.

Contact Starlight Automotive to schedule your next computer diagnostic. We offer a wide range of repair services of any level of complexity


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