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A/C repair

Climate control in the car is needed not only to cool the air, but also to cleanse the interior of odors and moisture

The malfunctioning of the system as a whole negatively affects car. This includes the possibility of engine overheating, increased fuel consumption, and accumulation of condensate.

Here are the signs you might need your A/C repaired

  • oily spots on the surface of the compressor;
  • increased noise;
  • poor efficiency;
  • frequent shutdowns of the compressor;
  • freezing of hoses, as well as tubes of the evaporator and filter;
  • overheating of the engine;
  • accumulation of water in the cabin,
  • bad smell.

If you notice any of the abovementioned signs please contact Starlight Automotive.

A/C repair

Car air conditioning repair in most cases is a delicate matter and requires experience and qualifications. During the repair readings from different compressor sensors are taken into account:  manometric sensor, cooler temperature sensor,  evaporator temperature sensor,  electromagnetic clutch etc.

Starlight Automotive has extensive experience in repairing car air conditioners, so our masters know all the nuances of both old and new models. In the event of a breakdown of almost any complexity we will fix the car A/C quickly, efficiently and for a reasonable price. We will conduct an accurate diagnosis of mechanical damage, corrosion, contamination and other possible wear factors.

Oftentimes minor breakdowns create big problems and the air conditioner compressor can no longer function normally. It is not at all necessary to replace it with a new one, because the repair of an A/C compressor will be the only right solution. Small parts of the structure are often damaged and require replacement. We will not offer to buy a new compressor if only part of it can be repaired.

We use only high-quality certified parts so that your A/C car serves you for a long time. Innovative equipment and many years of experience make it possible to repair the air conditioner compressor quickly and efficiently.

A/C clutch repair

An important component of the device is a clutch - a part for switching temperature modes. Due to its constant use the need to replace the air conditioning compressor clutch bearing occurs quite often. Clutches can be of different types and vary in technical characteristics. Repair of the air conditioner clutch, regardless of its features, can be ordered at Starlight Automotive. 


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