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Air and cabin filter replacement

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The cabin filter is a part of the air conditioning system. It cleans the interior from dust, small particles, and unpleasant odors. A properly functioning filter allows you to travel as comfortably and safely as possible. Needs to be changed regularly. First of all, for the health of the driver and passengers.

A dirty cabin filter cannot perform its function, so dust, harmful exhausts, pollen and other respiratory irritants enter the cabin. Dirty air in the cabin does not affect the car, but it is detrimental to the health of the driver and passengers. The air blown by the fan is taken right off the road: with all the fumes from dirty hot asphalt, dust and exhaust. Obviously, all these chemical compounds cause serious harm to health.

That is why you invest in your health by replacing the cabin filter at Starlight Automotive.

How often do you need to change the cabin filter?

The frequency of replacing the cabin filter depends on different conditions. Replacement will be required less often when driving in areas with low levels of air pollution on clean highways. When driving off-road, country roads, in places where a large accumulation of road dust you need to change it more often.

The average service life of the cabin filter of a car used in urban conditions is 8-10 thousand miles. However, if symptoms appear that indicate that the filter is already clogged, you should not wait until a certain mileage is reached.

Starlight Automotive technicians recommend changing the filter twice a year. The first time in the spring before you need to use the A/C in summer. The second replacement should be done in the fall. 

When to change the cabin filter?

  • Poor performance of the air conditioner;
  • Bad odor in the cabin with windows closed;
  • there is frequent and prolonged fogging of windows.

How is cabin filter replacement performed?

There is no one correct way to change the cabin filter, since car manufacturers have them in different places. Some filters are relatively easy to get, and some are very difficult to get without special skills and the appropriate tool.

If the filter is heavily clogged or torn it is recommended to clean and disinfect the evaporator of the air conditioning and heating system before replacing it. As a result of negligence to filter replacement the climate control system installed in the car is particularly affected.. During the heating process, an environment suitable for harmful bacteria is created, which leads to the formation of unpleasant odors. This situation can only be fixed by replacing the filter in the cabin. The system must be disassembled, the refrigerant pumped out and the evaporator cleaned manually, which greatly increases the cost of the work. Timely replacement of the cabin filter, the price of which is not high compared to other services, can protect you from bacteria and infections for quite a long time.


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    Stanley G.

    I'm a long time customer of Starlight and happy to be the first one at the new location!! Had my 24 Envista serviced, as usual quick and reasonable priced. Definitely recommend for all your vehicle needs!

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