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Cooling system pressure test

During the operation of an combustion engine in a car the thermal energy that is generated during the combustion of fuel is converted into mechanical energy

The engine itself is inevitably exposed to very high temperatures, which can damage its parts. The cooling system is responsible for removing excess heat from the engine.

The proper functioning of the engine cooling system is extremely important for its long-term stable operation. The engine cooling system allows the engine units to maintain operating condition for the maximum amount of time. Malfunctions in the engine cooling system can result in very unpleasant consequences. Overheating of the engine is especially dangerous, which can lead to serious damage and costly repairs. An excessive decrease in the temperature of the engine is also harmful to it. This increases the viscosity of the lubricant and accelerates the wear of parts.

Why it’s important to check the pressure in the cooling system

The boiling point of the coolant depends on the pressure in the cooling system of the car engine. Therefore, system tightness and pressure control are important factors in ensuring the normal operation of the unit. If the pressure deviates in any direction, it leads to incorrect heat removal from the running engine, which will lead to its damage.

It is important to regularly test the pressure in the cooling system, even if the car does not show obvious signs of failure. As soon as the temperature of a running engine is outside the normal range specified in the owner's manual, it is worth checking the cooling system.

Why Starlight Automotive?

All mechanics of the Starlight Automotive are professionals and provide qualified services for repairing cars of any make and model. We will check the pressure in the cooling system of your car engine, identify the problem and carry out all necessary repairs.


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