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Multi-point inspection

Not every car owner can easily determine the cause and source of any minor mechanical or electrical problem. This is what professional multi-point inspection is for. With the help of special equipment mechanics inspect all the main systems of the car .

Multi-point inspection of the car is carried out at least once a year.

You should also do it when:

  • Buying a used car;
  • repair of any system in order to exclude the possibility of breakdown in other nodes;
  • getting into an accident.

Multi-point inspection in the Starlight auto repair shop is carried out in order to solve the following tasks:

  • Detection of malfunctions and breakdowns that affect the safety of the driver and passengers while driving;
  • identifying the degree of deterioration and residual life of car parts to optimize the costs of the upcoming scheduled repairs;
  • prevent possible breakdowns;
  • reducing the costs of maintaining the car.

Multi-point inspection includes:

  • Engine Diagnostics
  • inspection of the engine;
  • condition and wear of supports;
  • detection of extraneous noise.
  • Suspension diagnostics
  • ball joints, rubber bushings;
  • the presence of extraneous noise, backlash;
  • power steering;
  • state of shock absorbers;
  • Brake system diagnostics
  • Wear of brake pads;
  • Brake rotors inspection;
  • brake hoses;
  • Fluid level check
  • checking the oil level;
  • power steering fluids;
  • coolant;
  • brake fluid;
  • washer fluid level.
  • Lighting Diagnostics
  • Dashboard inspection;
  • Headlights, tail lights inspection;
  • Horn inspection.
  • Air filter inspection

Once the inspection is over the car owner is issued a report on the current state of the car, existing breakdowns and malfunctions. We provide a professional assessment of the condition and current performance of all the main systems of the car. Multi-point inspection allows you to timely detect a malfunction at an early stage. This makes it possible to avoid serious breakdowns, the repair of which will require much more money. Starlight Automotive offers comprehensive car diagnostics at a bargain price.


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