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Oil change and filter replacement

A car engine consists of a lot of different parts  that come into contact with each other. With a long ride, oil gradually becomes clogged due to the effects of temperature and oxidation. This is not surprising, because the fluid not only lubricates and cools the engine, but also removes various contaminants from it.

In addition, it deteriorates over time. The components included in the composition no longer perform their functions. And it will lead to wear of the rubbing parts of the engine.

What happens after an oil change

  • Engine parts rub less against each other;
  • the level of engine cooling is normalized;
  • the engine becomes resistant to the corrosive process

How often to change oil

The frequency of oil change depends on your car make and model. However it is recommended to change the oil and filter every 6-7 thousand miles. Diesel engines operate under more demanding conditions, so Starlight Automotive recommends oil changes more frequently at 5,000 miles.

There are other factors that play a role here. If your vehicle is used under heavy conditions (frequent driving at high speed, difficult weather conditions (frost or extreme heat), trailer towing), oil and filter changes should be done more frequently.

What kind of oil should you choose

The amount and type of oil differs depending on the manufacturer and the specific car model. The mechanics at Starlight Automotive will select the most optimal oil and oil filter for your car.

How is oil change performed?

  • engine flush;
  • draining old oil;
  • oil filter replacement;
  • filling with fresh engine oil.

How quickly it is to change oil and filter

The whole procedure for replacing engine oil and a car filter takes place quite quickly. At Starlight Automotive you can change the oil and filter in just 30 minutes.


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