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Brake inspection

The safety of the driver and passengers directly depends on the state of the braking system

Special attention should be paid to brake system inspection . Any malfunction of the mechanism that can disrupt its normal functioning can lead to an emergency. Therefore, having noticed malfunctions in the operation of the brakes, it is recommended not to endanger yourself, not to try to identify the problem on your own, but to entrust the complex process to an expert. Only qualified mechanics are able to carry out high-quality car maintenance.

Starlight Automotive performs comprehensive diagnostics of the brake system using expensive professional equipment, guaranteeing high quality and accuracy of work at one of the best prices in Sarasota. The procedure involves a number of inspections using highly specialized equipment and professional tools, which makes it possible to prevent most breakdowns.

Brake inspection

Safety of you and your passengers depends on how well the brakes were repaired. Here are the things you should look out for:

  • braking distance increased;
  • strange sounds occur when you press the pedal;
  • the handbrake does not work well;
  • brake rotors get very hot while driving;
  • vibration appeared;
  • car pulls to the side when braking.

To determine the cause of the malfunction, a full inspection with testing of all systems will be performed. The mechanics will check the condition of the components of the brake mechanism and carry out multi-level inspection to obtain a correct and reliable result.

Even without any apparent signs one should always do brake inspection when:

  • buying a used car;
  • car had been in an accident;
  • repairing anything directly connected to brakes

You should inspect your brakes twice a year or every 30 thousand miles.

How brake inspection is performed

Modern cars are equipped with a system of various sensors that record the readings of each specific unit and part. This information is recorded by the on-board computer, and then, with the help of special programs, it is compared with the nominal one. When the readings deviate from the norm it is time to intervene to eliminate the existing problem. Malfunctions can be caused by a number of reasons, including leakage of the system, lack of brake fluid, wear of pads and rotors.

When you come in to Starlight Automotive for your regular brake inspection we are going to check the following:

  • brake system response time;
  • the braking force of each of the wheels separately;
  • distribution of braking force at different points of contact of the car with the surface;
  • stopping distance;
  • how all axles work.
  • rotors, pads and hoses for signs of wear and tear.
  • computer diagnostics of the brake system for errors.
  • quality of braking on a special stand.
  • quality and level of the brake fluid.
  • hand brake.

All our equipment is regularly checked and calibrated, which allows us to correctly see the real state of each part of the brakes. The cost of the inspection depends on the specific model and year of manufacture of the car as well as the complexity of the problem.

Ignoring any problem with your brakes might have dire consequences.


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