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Cooling system service and repair

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The engine cooling system is essential for the proper operation of the vehicle. Not only a complete malfunction, but simply its irregular functioning can lead to serious damage or even complete failure of the engine, which means expensive repairs.

When to repair your cooling system?

In case of any suspicion of improper operation it is advisable to contact the professionals without delay and have the cooling system inspected at Starlight Automotive. Nevertheless, there are a number of signs after the appearance of which the repair and maintenance of the car's cooling system becomes absolutely mandatory:

  • Coolant leak. In most cases of breakdowns either the radiator itself or the connecting nodes in the cooling system begin to leak. Found a wet spot under the car - immediately contact a car repair shop.
  • Leak inside the system. There are no fluid leaks, however, its level drops. The appearance of such a symptom may be evidence that the cylinder block gasket or the idle seal has become unusable. The solution to the problem can only be found after inspection.
  • Constant overheating of the engine. This is a symptom of almost any failure in the system which means that the cooling system needs to be repaired and serviced immediately.

Which part of the cooling system breaks down more often?

First of all, the sealing elements wear out. In addition, the use of the wrong fluid can also cause problems. Also, the cause of the breakdown may be the wrong concentration of such a liquid.

Various mechanical damages can also affect  the cooling system. For example, quite often cracks in the cylinder block become the cause of the malfunction. In most cases, further repair of the cooling system is required. You will need a special sealant to eliminate them. In case of serious damage you might have to replace the radiator.

Clogged radiators can also lead to breakdown. That is why such a procedure as flushing the cooling system is so important. Such cleaning is best done regularly, without waiting until the first signs of breakdowns appear. According to all the recommendations of car manufacturers, the coolant should be replaced at least once every 2-3 years. 

Why you should contact Starlight Automotive

Please reach out to us if you’re in need of cooling system repair. Our mechanics will fix your car swiftly and at a reasonable price.


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    Jason T.

    I recently visited Statlight Automotive at this new location at Clark road for routine maintenance, and I’m thoroughly impressed. Their service was prompt, professional, and courteous. The staff was knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything clearly. My car runs great and I’ll decently be back. Highly recommend!

  • avatar
    Jacob S.

    I was blown away by the excellent service at Starlight. My car’s A/C had stopped working, and they were able to fix it in just a few hours. The technicians were courteous and explained the problem clearly. The cost was very reasonable, and I appreciated the prompt service. I will definitely return for any future car issues.

  • avatar
    Sylvester G.

    We run box trucks in the area, and Starlight is our to-go place for any repairs. They can fit our trucks in bays at both locations, and there are knowledgeable both diesel and gas engine mechanics over here!

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