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Spark plugs and ignition coils replacement

The ignition system of a car must provide a spark of sufficient intensity in the right cylinder at the right time thousands of times per minute. The serviceability of spark plugs and coils is an urgent need, without them the car engine will not function. The ignition coil is an integral element responsible for supplying voltage to the plugs in the ignition system of each car. If the engine is experiencing misfiring problems or will not start, then the spark plugs and coils may need to be replaced.

Why ignition coils are important

The ignition coil is an important element of the ignition system. The ignition coil is used in all ignition systems. We can say that the coil is the central element of the entire ignition system, regardless of its design and type.

Why ignition coils break down

Like many other car parts, ignition coils are subject to a certain amount of wear. As a rule, their service life is 40-50 thousand miles, however, a number of factors can lead to an earlier failure of the ignition coils. 

The most common one is short circuit. When the coil overheats, for example, due to the increased temperature, the insulation is broken. The use of worn-out plugs, in which an internal gap has arisen, also leads to overheating of the coil. In addition, reverse gases and breakdown of the insulator adversely affect the condition of the rubber tip of the ignition coil.

Ignition coils replacement

At Starlight Automotive you can quickly and inexpensively replace the ignition coils of your car. Qualified Starlight technicians will carry out accurate diagnostics and replace ignition coils on a car of any make and model.

Spark plugs replacement

The spark plug creates a spark that ignites the air/fuel mixture. During long-term operation, as well as when using a low-quality fuel mixture, this element fails. In this case, the spark plugs will need to be replaced.

You can look up how often you need to replace spark plugs in your car manual. It is recommended to replace the spark plugs at least every 20,000 miles.

Replacing spark plugs at Starlight Automotive is a guarantee you don’t have to be worried about your car not starting in the morning. We use only high quality, certified parts.


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