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Timing belts and pulleys inspection

The belts and pulleys in modern vehicles range from 30,000 to 60,000 miles

When the mileage is exceeded you have to install a new belt, tensioner rollers,  pump and pulleys.

You can find how often you need timing belt replacement in your car manual. But keep in mind that since in reality the part can wear out ahead of time, Starlight Automotive recommends checking the part no more than every 25 thousand miles.

The timing belt is an element that synchronizes the operation of the pistons and the ignition system. It is stretched on the pulleys of 2 shafts. At the same time, the water pump is activated. With the help of a special roller, the rubber and nylon timing belt is given the necessary tension.

If the timing belt and pulleys are not checked in advance, the entire system may fail. This will cause the intake and exhaust valves to collide with the pistons.This is a very expensive repair.

If a characteristic whistle is heard from under the hood when starting the engine, at the beginning of the movement or when shifting gears, it's time to check the timing belt. If the warning light in the form of a battery on the dashboard does not go out after starting the engine or lights up while driving, then most likely the belt has already failed.

Signs it’s time to check your timing belt and pulleys

  • Time. The service life of a part is determined by the mileage. However, if  the car has stood idle for a long time the belt still loses its properties.
  • Troubles when starting the engine. A worn or loosely tensioned belt can jump over several teeth on a pulley.
  • Black smoke. With a faulty belt the mixture in the engine does not completely burn out which leads to the destruction or melting of the catalyst.
  • Extraneous sounds in the engine. If the belt is cracked or frayed you can hear ticking, clicks and other sounds from under the hood.
  • Leaks. If oil or coolant is leaking, obviously there is trouble with the gas distribution mechanism. When the camshaft oil seal wears out, part of the lubricant gets onto the belt. If the joints have lost their tightness, the belt is covered with antifreeze. As a result, the belt deteriorates faster and jumps over the teeth of the pulleys.
  • Idle rotation of the starter.

Where can I replace my timing belts and pulleys?

At Starlight Automotive we will quickly and efficiently inspect the timing belt, rollers and pulleys. We provide quality services for all brands at affordable prices.


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