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Springs replacement

Suspension springs have a good margin of safety and are often designed for the entire life of the car

However, when the car already has high mileage they can also fail.. In the event that the springs no longer perform their functions properly they must be urgently replaced. Suspension failure can cause an accident.

Timely repair allows you to exclude more significant damage to other components of the car. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly inspect the suspension springs. Some of the most common signs of spring failure include:

  • Knocking sound when the vehicle is driven on uneven road surfaces.
  •  Tilting on of the sides when driving

How to replace suspension springs

The suspension of a modern car is a complex structure with many elements connected to one system. As long as all parts of the suspension are in good condition and work properly, the car steers normally and rides smoothly. Suspension springs are an element of the shock absorber strut that softens shocks. In fact, the entire weight of the car lies on the suspension springs.

For the most correct operation of the suspension, you need to change the springs in pairs. If the front left is being replaced, it is recommended to replace the front right as well. The rules for replacing the rear are the same. Before replacing the suspension springs, Starlight mechanics will inspect all four springs and may recommend replacing all at once for perfect handling and smoothness of the car. Also, along with the springs, shock absorbers are most often changed to provide the best conditions for the safe operation of the car.

The cost of replacing suspension springs depends on the model of the car and the design features of the suspension. The spring can be located either next to the shock absorber or directly on them. The more suspension parts that have to be removed to replace the spring, the more time the mechanic spends on the replacement. Call Starlight Automotive to find out the cost of suspension springs replacement.


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